Airtable Webflow sync via CLI

 - One-directional manual sync

 - Command-line interface

 - Free & open source

Download on GitHub



 - One-directional manual sync:
   Airtable → Webflow

 - Granular sync control

 - All field types supported

 - No record limits*

* We are all beholden to the limits of Airtable/Webflow/APIs 🧘


Ok, but actually... what is it?

tinySync is a nodeJS application that runs locally through a command-line interface.

It’s fun and user-friendly, but you have to use your keyboard 😱. Stay strong, mice-lovers.


Who is it for?

tinySync is for people who are cheap, not afraid of CLIs, and want to use Airtable as a headless Webflow CMS.

I know... a huge audience, right?


How does this compare to WhaleSync, Flowmonk, or PowerImporter?

Well for starters, they have features like...

 🎨 GUI

 🏃 Automatic syncing

 🔄 Bi-directional syncing

 🛟 Customer support

They are geared towards business use cases like programmatic SEO. If you need those features, check them out!